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It is no coincidence that the “El Tallecito” is in the town of Cazorla, in the Natural Park of “Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas”. Nor is it coincidence that it materialized on historic premises in Cazorla´s oldest square, Plaza Vieja or Plaza Santa Maria.

El Tallercito, located in Plaza Santa Maria number 3, was formerly a private domestic chapel, the Chapel of The Lord of Humility and Patience. Many local people still have vivid memory of attending this sacred place, which was also named the “bullfighters chapel”, as it was used as a place for the bullfighters to dress “de luces” when bullfights were held in Plaza Vieja.

To create in harmony with nature it is required to belong to nature consciously. Feeling part of a system is essential to be able to cooperate with the environment (the place, people, surroundings …) which on the other hand is our fundamental strategy of life: cooperation.

El Tallecito connects with the environment to communicate thoughts and emotions through art, that once have been created no longer belong to us and become again part of the universe to once again connect and transform, fulfilling its function as a communication role.