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From an artistic family tradition,

I was brought up surrounded by my mother´s artistic pieces in her studio.

I studied Fine Art at the Granada University where I got  interested in sculpture through Carmen Osuna and in painting and installations with José Freixanes. The third year of collage I studied in Italy where I was fortunate to have Conceto Pozzati as a teacher of painting, meanwhile I learnt that even though I touched different disciplines I always did it from a pictorial point of view.

I developed in Holland my final project in the School of art, media and technology.

I stayed for 5 years in Holland where I did several painting exhibitions, until 2006, when I decided to return to Spain with the firm intention of setting up a fine arts workshop.


From there I spent two years working in the pottery workshop led by my mother, Natividad Mayor Navarro, where I finished perfecting painting techniques in ceramics and large format ceramic murals.

In 2010 I launched El Tallercito, where I finally put in place many years of artistic training, work experience and diverse values and beliefs that make us feel coherent.

Currently the shop is a dream come true, where I can express and experience freely and work to fulfill the dreams and interests of others. Always with illusion and learning.




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El Tallercito - Taller de Bellas Artes