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My passion for craftsmanship and art has led me to continue my formation after finishing my fine arts degree, that is why in El Tallercito we handle a great variety of techniques and visual languages that makes us very versatile in tackling a job.

With the painting techniques, drawing and sculpture as a basis we enter the fascinating world of ceramics and its various branches. Low temperature techniques, painting techniques using architectural ceramics and sculptures, high temperature, cooking in oxidizing or reducing atmosphere, experiments with sigillata. All this from the humility that require such complex techniques, always with our own personality and style of our work.

We usually find inspiration in nature in a broad sense and manifest it in different series: birds, insects, trees of life, kisses, water crystals, mandalas, african goddesses …

Another line of work is commissioned murals, sculptures, signs, plaques, street, landscape …





Tell us your idea and we will transform it into a piece specially created for you.

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