The art of transformation through fire

murals trophies signs painting reproductions

The art of modelling through volumes

bronze sculpture ovenproof models

The art of representation through free painting

piece of art mixed techniques

Artistic ceramics, ceramic murals, sculpture, pottery and architectural ceramics, find their place in the natural park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, at El Tallercito.

Art and nature are the starting point to create unique pieces in ceramics, sculpture and traditional painting, together with contemporary techniques and design.

Series of small format art for decoration or gifts, signs, ceramic altars, murals, ceramic sculpture in small and large format, interior design, exterior beautification and of course your idea and your energy channeled into a customized art work.This way joining design and creation to the oldest form of work for personal needs: the commission.



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For us it is equally important to contribute to a change in society doing our job with love and respect for the environment and people. We advocate for quality, a job well done and conscious consumption.






El Tallercito - Taller de Bellas Artes